The Class of ’16

Today, as I sat in a 78,000-square-foot meeting hall at the Kentucky International Convention Center in Louisville reading about Rosa Parks for the seventy billionth time this week, the clock struck noon.  And I took a break from my task of grading AP U.S. History essays, looked up, and grinned.  Four hundred miles away, back home in Durham, the inaugural school year at Research Triangle High School was coming to a quiet close.

Now, contrary to what you may think, I’ve not forgotten about my blog.  But I’ve sure as hell been too busy to touch it lately.  Between working on plans for next year, scheduling our athletic events for the fall, and planning my impending wedding, there’s been virtually no time to write.

But I still have plenty to say, and I hope to share it over the course of the next few weeks – when I’m not putting the finishing touches on my nuptials or lounging on my honeymoon.  In the meantime, you can check out this cool video put together by RTHS lead English teacher and yearbook guru Deb Brown consisting of all the leftover photos that didn’t make our inaugural yearbook.