December 26, 2010 - the last time before tonight I saw snow.

December 26, 2010 – the last time before tonight I saw snow.

On Monday, the temperature cleared 70 degrees.  On Thursday night, snow blanketed the ground.

Welcome to North Carolina.

In a year full of firsts at our school – first lottery, first summer camp, first day of class, first sporting event, first dance, first exams – we have one that excites students and teachers alike: the first snow day.

All day today, the students were murmuring with excitement about the possibility of their already-long weekend being extended by the white stuff.  I heard and saw all the memes, too – snOMG, Snowmageddon, Snowpocalypse, “ERMAGHERD! SNERR!”, among others.  As for keeping the students from going off the walls, though, I did remember one very important nugget of wisdom from my previous teaching job: never, under any circumstances, say the S-word until the last possible minute.  I waited until about 30 seconds before dismissal in every period to explain the changes in the unit syllabus in the event of a snow day.

They were still off the chain, though.

Of course, the school was also full of what I have begun to refer to over the years as “snow snobs” – those damned northerners, god love ’em, who just have to go on and on and on and on about how when they lived in New York or Vermont or whatever, they only cancelled school if it snowed more than 4 feet, and they’d be wearing Hawaiian shirts and Bermuda shorts to school in this snow.

I just laugh it off, though.  We get snow twice a year in the South if we’re lucky; hell, after living in Alabama for the past two years, I haven’t seen a flake of frozen precipitation since 2010.  Snow here is something that’s rare, fun, and associated primarily with carefree days out of school.  I’ve seen the snow up north thanks to a trip to the NCAA Tournament in Buffalo back in 2004, and I understand why they hate it – it’s ugly!  It sticks around for weeks and weeks, and gets muddy and run over with tires and trampled over until it just blends in to the dirt.  The fleeting nature of snow here adds to its allure, and its wonder.

So enjoy the snow, everyone.  And stay safe out there.